Guard Ability:
Life Span:
Learning rate:
Watch Ability:
Activity level:
8-12 inches
Very High
High-Very High
10-15 Years
Silky, long with loose curls
Maltese: Italy, Bichon: France
White, cream or apricot
Active, sociable, gentle and playful
4-12 pounds
High-Very High

Maltishons have a beautiful mantel of long, silky, white hair. This is their crowning glory.
They may sometimes have a hint of lemon or tan on their ears. They are short, petite
sized dogs and have short triangular drop ears. They are a small, sturdy, powder puff of
a dog whose merry temperament is evident by their plumed tail carried jauntily over
their back. The coat puffs out all over, rather than hanging down. They are small, sturdy


Maltishons are agile, entertaining and happy dogs. They are generally good with older
children, and are fairly adaptable. They are comforters, fastidious and loyal. They tend to
bark, even in the house. They may also be difficult to housebreak as they can be
stubborn, but they are also known to be patient dogs. Sometimes when they are happy
they will "zoom" or "blitz", in which they run in circles from a sudden burst of energy.


Dr. Johannes Caius wrote about the Maltese, "They are called Meliti, of the island of
Malta...they are very small indeed and chiefly sought after for the pleasure and
amusement of women who carried them in their arms, their bosoms, and their beds..."
After World War I both French and Belgian breeders sustained an active interest in the
Bichon Frise, and finally were recognized by the French Kennel Club. The breed was
brought to America in 1956, and popularity was on the rise.
A Maltishon is a cross-breed of a Maltese and a
Bichon Frise and may demonstrate any
combination of traits from those two breeds.